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Mind Tripping Show

Appears at:  Capital Hilton

Dates: August 31 at 8pm

An intimate, interactive, theatrical show. Mind Reading, Influence, Psychological Illusions, and Comedy all come together to create a fantastic night of delightful fun.

Christian & Katalina

When people come to their very first Mind Tripping show, we’ve learned, they often arrive with the expectation of a “performance” consisting of onstage “tricks”. They very soon realize that illusions are part and parcel of our everyday human existence. Illusions can be funny or awe-inspiring, but they are always thought-provoking.
We also incorporate surprise into each performance. So people actually like being surprised, we used to wonder? The answer, we learned, is a resounding “yes!”

We love playing with your perceptions at the Mind Tripping Show. Audience members seeking different and exciting entertainment in Indianapolis are astonished when we literally “read their minds”. “The most fun for us is to watch the audience when the moments of seeing the impossible has just hit them,” says Katalina. “We know they will be thinking about it long after the show is over.”

“Christion had promised that there would be a point in the show where your mind will be thoroughly blown and reality would literally melt away,” one gentleman from Buffalo recalls. “And it did,” he reported. “We left completely blown away.”

Mind reading? Body language? Illusion? Psychology? Only our Mind Tripping entertainers can say for sure…

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